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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Monday Moments Of Me #231

Do you ever find something new and so delicious by chance and for days after you devoured it, you are still thinking about it? Finding ways and excuses to go back for more?!

No? Just me? haha. I'm ok with that. Yes, me and food have a special relationship. 

Well after an exciting dinner date with family to a restaurant in Mesa, on our way home decided to stop at TOPO in downtown Gilbert for an ice cream cone! OH MY GOODNESS! 

I need to go back for another before this specialty cone disappears off the menu. I mean...I LOVE mint and I LIKE oreos and vanilla ice cream and together as a trio. . . IT WAS MAGICAL.

Magical combined with great company it is a memory I will not soon forget :) My waistline needs to forget it though . . . 

Happy April 1, 2021!!!

mint oreo ice cream cone at TOPO downtown gilbert

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