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Monday, July 3, 2023

Monday Moments Of Me #258

Life in Perspective, July 2023 Edition.

When up in the rafters doing some deep cleaning...15 or 20 feet from the ground...

While using balance alone... Life quickly flashes before your eyes...

All I could think about is that I should not have been climbing a ladder and walking on beams 15 or 20 feet above the floor ALONE with no-one there just in case something was to happen... Once I pushed past these thoughts and got to satisfying it was to get the beams and rafters clean and to know I did this scared, I finished, I conquered! I did it.

How grateful I am for my health, my vision, my hearing, my balance, my work opportunities, my family, my pets, for music, for food, for sunlight, for pushing past fear, for EVERYTHING. 

We are all stronger than we think, I am a firm believer in this!

cleaning rafters in a grist mill

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